Midweek Tennis

All members, both men and women,  are welcome to participate, including ‘new’ players. Tuesday is the “official” playing day, starting at 9.00am with a break for morning tea about 10:30am. Attendees put their name on the board, and are organised into doubles games lasting 20 minutes per round. Each week a committee member and two club members are rostered on duty to organise the games and morning tea. (NOTE: There are also players who come down on Thursday mornings for some informal play at 9am.)


Midweek Tournaments

A variety of OTC-only fun tournaments are played during the year, including singles, doubles and combines. Entry fees are $5 with prizes for section winners and runners up. Check the Midweek notice board to see what is  coming up soon.

Information for other area Clubs is also posted on the Notice Board in the Clubhouse.

Midweek Interclub

Midweek Interclub starts in October and is played on Mondays starting at 9 am. It is ladies only, with teams of four playing doubles matches. There are usually four divisions or levels of competition.

Midweek Social

Yes, we are quite a social bunch, so keep an eye on the EVENTS section for signs of fun and frivolity – or check out our last xmas brunch photo gallery for incriminating evidence!

Xmas brunch 2017 


Xmas brunch 2018


Pam Booker     570 0302     midweek captain