2019 St Patricks Day Tournament

Pam,, Wendy, Viv and Peter
John, I think
Viv, Tamra, Pam and Denis
Viv, Tamra and Pam
Viv, Rose, Pam and Nick.
Robert, Susan, Viv and pam.
Viv, Pam , heather and Peter.
Gill, Viv and Pam.
Grant(he came second), Pam (sort of), Wendy , Viv and peter.
Pam, Jill and Viv (again).
John always manages to get in the photo!
Daves most flattering angle.
Robyn is in there somewhere
Viv, Pam and John in his underpants.
The best dressed, Shelley, not Viv.