Club Play

For the next couple of weeks we will be running things differently to comply with the Covid-19 rules.


Please arrive between 1:00 and 1:15 and register in the control room.

No access is permitted to the courts before organised play is arranged.

At 1:15 we will match you up with players of a similar level while you wait patiently.

If you arrive after 1:15 we match you up with the other players that arrive at a similar time.

Maximum people we can cater for is 48 unfortunately the 49th person to arrive wont be able to participate.

1) We will match you up in a group of 8 players and your group will be allocated 2 courts to play on until 3:30.

2) The bell will ring after 30 minutes so you can have a 5 minute break to swap your players around on your 2 allocated courts.

We will play 3 games and finish at about 3:30


Want to play on after 3:30 ?

We will keep 4 courts available until 6:00 so feel free to make up another game if you want to play on.

Make sure all the players are entered in the court allocation register for those playing on.

You will have to use your own Tennis balls for these games.


Club rooms downstairs will be open for access to the bathrooms but upstairs will be closed.


The committee has spent a lot of time planning to make it work for you.

Its all about Contact tracing, Hygiene and keeping you safe.